Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and better best.

I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. Since I was little girl I was a very ambitious and curious child which led me to all sorts of activities and hobbbies. Some of those activities and hobbies are a part of my life even today - dancing, sports, singing, stage combat and travel. In addition to all of that I speak 6 languages and love to create my own projects and work. After graduating from a linguistic gymnasium in Zagreb, I manged to get accepted to two universities in Zagreb; Math science at the University of Zagreb and the Academy of Drama& Arts at the University of Zagreb. Additionally I was also accepted to the Academy of Drama&Arts at the University of Sarajevo. As it was impossible to study all that at once I had to make a decision, and that decision was to enroll the Academy of Drama&Arts in Zagreb. It was a good decision. In my second year of college I started working, and landed my first leading role on television. During my fourth year I got a scholarship from Prague Film School and went there to get some additional education. My international career started there, and since then I had numerous roles in movies and television series across Europe and the States. I got my BA & MA degree in acting on the Academy of Drama & Arts at the University of Zagreb. Alongside my movie and television career I also work in theatres across Croatia. I am a very diligent, open-minded person who is really dedicated to work and looking forward to give her heart and mind to projects I am involved in.